Welcome To "Y"Our Happy Place  

Rust Oord Bushveld Camp is conveniently situated within an hour’s drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria nestled in the lush unspoiled Bushveld where the comfort will strike you in the middle of the day and night where the sky meets the land.  Ideal if you need to escape from your busy life style.

You will experience the fierce roaring sound of Lions that echoes through the atmosphere, the intensity vibrates deep into your mind giving a bone chilling effect.  It does all this, while inspiring you in that moment to become something as beautiful and majestic as the creature itself.  There is a reason why they call him the King of the jungle.  His roar blast its way through its surroundings drowning out all other inferior clutter of noise.  They are based 1.5km from Rust Oord, on the farm Ukutula Lion Park that's Adjacent to Rust Oord 

Nature lovers will be treated to some Impalas, Nyalas, Warthogs and a variety of Birds Species

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